User-friendly apps

Let users book, use and pay for the shared assets available in their building through one app.

Smooth integration

Connect your existing devices to Tapazz by using our dedicated hardware and software links.

Usage insights

Improve financial planning and analysis with detailed monitoring of the use of your devices.

Create revenue streams by sharing what’s already there

Our hardware and software integrations enable your tenants to book, use and pay for your building’s services in an automated way.

Spaces & appliances

Appliances can include washing machines and dryers, but might just as well be a computer in your building’s gaming room. Spaces can include meeting rooms, a roof terrace, guest room or a yoga studio.

Personal transport

Make your bike loving tenants happy with a shared car in your building so they don’t need their own and can still go visit that aunt in the countryside or do their groceries in bulk. Shared personal transport is good for the environment, social cohesion and the wallet.

“Working together with Tapazz we made doing your Laundry an easy and fun digital experience. A wonderful extra service for our tenants. While we receive a new automated revenue stream.“

– Jasper Paulissen, Upliving coach

Successful integrations and partnerships